Create memorable employee engagement experiences through gamification

If you’re looking for a solution that enhances different areas of employee engagement – whether it’s career growth, onboarding, or training, why not try gamifying the process?

Design meaningful and enriching employee experiences that enable your HR organizational practices to stand out and build a robust workplace culture.

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Create narratives tailored for different use cases

Whether it’s an onboarding experience, internal referral program or a company health campaign, the sky’s the limit as to what you can create with gamification.

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Boost engagement with meaningful & engaging activities

Use flashcards, quizzes and interactive challenges to foster interaction and knowledge-sharing – motivate and inspire participation with a fun, interactive approach.

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Drive motivation through leaderboards and rewards

Build a strong sense of progression and competitiveness that motivates players to keep playing with achievement badges, rewards and leaderboards.

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See how this e-commerce company designed an engagement experience with 80%+ completion rates

"A Ninja Quest" was effective in educating new employees of the company’s culture and values. See how the team designed a strong brand narrative to achieve over 80% completion rates across the app.

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